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v 1.89

the music organizer software for Windows

Feb 5, 2012


Melomania is the handiest music organizer software for Windows, which allows you to catalog music collection of any kind, from vinyls to MP3s, and provides you with a quantity of facilities to manage music database, including:

Automatic adding the digital tracks
No manual input of track titles and related information required. Media Scanner will get all necessary information for you right from tags of media files.

Information loading from Internet
Internet Finder allows you to find and download the comprehensive information about your music items with possibility to save any part of it to music database.

Lent media tracking
You can share your music items with friends and neighbours without worry to forget what and to whom you have lent.


Isn't Melomania handy enough?

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Melomania - the music organizer software for Windows

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How to register the Giveaway of the Day version

Feb 1, 2012

If you downloaded Melomania from Giveaway of the Day and don't know how to register it, please do the following:

  • unzip Melomania.zip and open the readme.txt file;
  • find the user name and registration code in readme.txt;
  • read the instruction of how to register Melomania;
  • please do not type this data by hand, but copy and paste it instead, as described in the instruction.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Help us translate Melomania. Translate it into your native language and get a registered copy of Melomania for free of charge...

Feb 1, 2012

Please read the article about how to register the Giveaway of the Day version of Melomania...

Nov 16, 2011

Melomania 1.89: a new version of the music collection software released.
We have implemented the export images feature, improved export to HTML, and fixed some issues with download data from the Internet...

Oct 12, 2011

We have created the Melomania page on Facebook...

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