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About Us

Able Apples were established in October 2004 by three IT-professionals from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Having a wide experience in commercial program development behind, Able Apples members concentrated all their energies on the most interesting line of development - the creation of handy and functional software for collectors.

Able Apples released their first software product in August 2005. Melomania contained many unique features supplied with handy, elegant and easy-to-understand user interface, so it became very successful among real music collectors soon. Most Melomania users went far beyond simple organizing their tracks. They are really keen on music, so they have a big interest in artist biographies, music history, album reviews and ratings, and Melomania allows them to bind all this information with their collection items. Another useful Melomania feature is a unique system of media management, which is highly appreciated by music collectors holding hundreds or thousands discs in their collections.

After receiving many favorable reviews and comments, Able Apples concentrated their minds on further perfection of Melomania. However, Melomania is not the only project of Able Apples, and several other programs will be released in the near future.

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Kills, The

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No Wow (2005)

Rating 6/10

The Kills is the garage blues duo: Alison Mosshart (vocalist / guitarist) and Jamie Hince (drummer / vocalist / guitarist). The combination of drum machine, odd Jammie's vocal and minimalistic guitar ...

Deep Forest

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Music Detected (2002)

Rating 10/10

"Music Detected" is an unexpected turn in creative work of this band. Samples are gone to the background, and forefront is made of lyrics and "live" instruments here. This is a melodic and light album...

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