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I did not start using Melomania at random, I pretty much tried every music manager cataloguing software out there and happily admit that found Melomania the most complete, versatile and easy to use software of them all...

Posted by: Chris

Tried many trial version of music programs..

This one ROCKS!! Hands down the easiest and perfect one!! yet allows many customizations!

Posted by: Muad'dib

Fabulous program, and though I first ran across it on my favorite wArEz site, if that was not the case, I might well have coughed up the $50 asking price! Truly superb!

Posted by: Mr. D (As in "Dancing with")

After trying several music databases, I think Melomania is the best software to catalogue your music. Congratulations...you are in the right way!!

Posted by: Tito

I downloaded the trial version of the software and I have to admit that it's the best cataloging software for music.

Posted by: Cemal

It is an excellent program!

Posted by: Enrique M.

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