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Melomania 1.89 released

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We're glad to introduce the next version of our music collection software - Melomania 1.89. You can get this version from Melomania download page.

What's new in Melomania 1.89?

  • Implemented ability of export the album covers into a local folder.
  • Fixed bug with the 'HTTP 1.1/403 Forbidden' error occurrence during cover art download for an album containing brackets in its title.
  • Fixed bug with loading data for the album "Machine Head" by Deep Purple in the Internet Finder: the incomplete list of tracks was loaded there.
  • Fixed bug with the 'Memory Out' error occurrence during retrieving data about Ozzy Osbourne and some other artists in the Internet Finder.
  • Fixed issue with loss of text formatting during exporting artist and album descriptions into HTML.
  • Made some other small improvements and fixes.

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