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I am enjoying using Melomania to manage a large (250 Gb) music collection. It is by far the most comprehensive program I have tried for music management.

Posted by: Jacquelyn S.

Keep up the good work. The program gets better and better !!

Posted by: Marco

I really like Melomania a lot. It's apparent that you folks have put in a lot of hard work in creating this software.

Posted by: Chris P.

It looks so very good and I will start using it based on good reviews. I am very enthusiastic about your software.

Posted by: Marco

This program Melomania is THE PERFECT SOFTWARE. Very nice MENU and Czech language. I`ts FANTASCIC! :-) Hallo, from Czech Republic.


Melomania is very convenient and helpful software that can help you organize your music collections in a proper way.

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Albums Grouping

Albums Grouping

Use the "View | Albums Grouping" menu item to customize the album tree grouping according to your preferences.

Quick Search

Quick Search

Find a track or an album in your music database quickly by typing its name in the entry located on top of main window, and pressing Enter.

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