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Rating 8/10

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Funeral (2004)

Arcade Fire, The


This is debut full-length album from Montreal's indie band Arcade Fire, which was formed in 2003. Arcade Fire is fronted by the husband-and-wife team of Win Butler and Regine Chassagne. They recruited more than 10 musicians for creating the original Funeral's sound palette: accordions, xylophones and lots of string instruments give the auspicious sound to this album. So, the question you might ask is "Will I like this album?". If you like indie pop music or artists like David Bowie and Brian Eno, who combine art-rock with dance beats, I think this album will give you more than 40 minutes of the pleasant music. Also I think that "Funeral" is good enough for debut work and I hope the following Arcade Fire's efforts will not disappoint you and me.

Reviewed by Alexey Gusev | Sep 3, 2006

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Rating 7/10

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Jesus Christ Superstars (1996)



Laibach is a Slovenian industrial band. They are one of my favorite bands that work in this genre. If you have heard any of Laibach's older materials, this album will surprise you. Personally I like this album better than any of their others. "Jesus Christ Superstars" contains two outright cover versions of "Jesus Christ Superstar" by Andrew LLoyd Webber and Tim Rice and "The Cross" by Prince. "God Is God" was a song by Juno Reactor with music and words reworked by Laibach. "To the New Light" is a reworking of the old Laibach's song "Brat Moj" ("Brother of Mine"). Laibach said that they are not musicians, but rather politicians. Listen to this album and you will feel power, you will see the universe and you will see god... I very like this album and would like to recommend it to everybody who like industrial music.

Reviewed by Alexey Gusev | Sep 2, 2006

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Rating 8/10

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Dear Catastrophe Waitress (2003)

Belle and Sebastian


The Scottish indie band Belle & Sebastian was formed in 1995. Its name has been taken from a French children's series about a boy and his dog. This is the first album from Belle & Sebastian that I ever have listened to. "Dear Catastrophe Waitress" is one of those works where every song is good, either in part or in whole. There is no need to skip tracks during listening to this album. Belle & Sebastian perform pop, but it is a brilliant pop. Stuart Murdoch's vocal is really good, especially on the slower song "If She Wants Me". I like this album for its fresh sound, beautiful melodies and nice elated mood. I think this album will embellish your music collection.

Reviewed by Alexey Gusev | Sep 1, 2006

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Rating 9/10

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Chaos and Creation in the Backyard (2005)

Paul McCartney


McCartney is the greatest all-around musician. Sometimes I wonder how he can do anything more with everything he has already done? Paul has set such a high standard for songwriting and arranging as a Beatle and afterwards, so people always want him to be the best songwriter in the world. I think that "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard" satisfied to these high standards. I was impressed from the first chords of the title track; it reminds me another McCartney's work "Band on the Run" released in 1973. Sir Paul McCartney demonstrates his greatest talent and youth of his soul again.

Reviewed by Alexey Gusev | Aug 31, 2006

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Rating 8/10

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Curtains (1997)


Alt. Rock

Tindersticks is an excellent band. They were formed in far 1992. I wrote about their album "Waiting for the Moon" some time ago. Tindersticks filtered the dark romanticism of Leonard Cohen, Ian Curtis and Scott Walker. "Curtains" is an amazing collection of beautiful songs. The rich voice of Stuart Staples, lush orchestral arrangements and melancholic lyrics make this album one of the best Tindersticks' works. Please pay your attention to "A Marriage Made in Heaven", which features the duet with Isabella Rossellini, who much more accomplished actress, rather than singer, and she provides a charming and accurate vocal counterpart to Stuart Staples.

Reviewed by Alexey Gusev | Aug 30, 2006

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Rating 6/10

Wild Opera (1996)


Experimental Rock

"Wild Opera" is the first album by British band No-Man I have listened to, and I guess it isn't the best their album. Music represented here is good and original enough, but at the same time it's very different from other Steven Wilson's works I've listened to earlier. Perhaps, exactly this difference has affected my perception of the album with slightly unfavourable feeling, because No-Man is obviously far from the row of Porcupine Tree / Blackfield / Opeth / OSI (I familiarized myself with Steven's projects and works exactly in this sequence). "Wild Opera" is very different from anything above by both of style and performance manner. Vocalist of this project is Tim Bowness, whose voice is pretty good. As for music itself, it represents a quite original experimental rock, which consists of some jazz and some electronic influences besides of its rock nature. I certainly like experiments, but in this specific case, I just didn't expect such a turn. I'll try to listen to other albums by No-Man, and maybe I'll change my mind in the future.

Reviewed by Igor Brynskich | Aug 29, 2006


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