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Internet Finder: Getting Started

Internet Finder is an Internet-searching tool designed for getting information about a particular album or artist from the Web. Also Internet Finder allows you to save received information into your music database. You can update the album that is already in the database, or create a new album based on the information you got. Internet Finder allows you to save the following properties of an album:

  • Album name and release date
  • Album contents (track list)
  • CD cover
  • Label

Internet Finder: Album Profile

It is also possible to save information about artist into the music database, but, in contrast to albums, you can only update the properties of an artist:

  • Artist name
  • Artist real name
  • Date, country and place of birth
  • Date, country and place of death
  • Photo
  • Genre
  • Biography



Waldemar Z.

«I think it's the best collection manager program I've ever seen.»


«Your software is the best I've ever tried.»

John S.

«Melomania is maybe the tenth program or so to catalogue my cd collection and I must say it's by far the best I've seen.»


«I did not start using Melomania at random, I pretty much tried every music manager cataloguing software out there and happily admit that found Melomania the most complete, versatile and easy to use software of them all...»

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