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Custom Ratings: Grouping by Album Rating

Melomania provides you with four modes to represent your music database: Albums, Filters, Favorites, and Storage Media:

  • Albums mode represents audio tracks and albums contained in your music collection
  • Filters mode represents a set of customized filters intended for selecting audio tracks from your music database by specified criteria
  • Favorites mode is intended for managing track compilations you have made according to your musical taste or current mood
  • Storage Media mode represents a list of media, which actually contains audio tracks from your music collection

To switch over these modes you can use corresponding toolbar buttons or easily accessible popup menu items.

Introduction: Exploring Media

Melomania allows you to group albums and media by various properties. Any grouping may contain one or more properties at a time. For instance, albums can be sequentially grouped by country, artist, and release year. Following are possible grouping properties for albums:

  • Artist
  • Release year
  • Release decade
  • Genre
  • Label
  • Rating
  • Country

Possible grouping properties for storage media are:

  • Medium format
  • Location
  • Friend (who has borrowed your disks)



Igor G.

«Your program seems to be very professional, easy to use and very complete. I didn't know your software until today, but I'm totally amazed to see all those functionalities.»


«Your product is superior to any other music organizer I've yet to come by.»


«After trying several music databases, I think Melomania is the best software to catalogue your music. Congratulations...you are in the right way!!»

Waldemar Z.

«I think it's the best collection manager program I've ever seen.»

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